Time (w/t)


What if every time you are early to something, you are late to another?   

            That there is a scale keeping track, so every time you arrive early to work, you will be late for lunch?  When you show up early for a wedding, you’ll be late to realize a love?   

All so at the end of everything, you’re right on time for it all? 

It is an odd notion, I know.  And if it were true, how is it accomplished?  Do little gnomes and goblins run around strategically sabotaging you after fairies and woodland spirits magically whisked you towards your earlier destination?  Or do they all collaborate, gnomes and fairies alike, in making you late next time after you alone managed to be ten minutes early just so you could grab a coffee?

Furthermore, why would the universe be so concerned that by the end of everything, it’s all balanced out, so you arrive “on time”?  Especially when “time”, so I’ve been told, is relative?  And if that is indeed the case, what exactly is “on time”?

Now you may be wondering, “what brought all this about?”

You see, I’ve encountered what seems to be a gremlin, quietly removing my wallet from my breast pocket as I stepped out the door.  It was most peculiar, finding myself squishing a living being between my hand and chest, when all I had intended was a reassuring pat of my wallet.  It may be typical for some people to find little creatures scurrying about their pockets, but not me.

At first I thought the little gentleman – or lady, I’m not quite sure about such gremlin matters – to be after only my money.  As I was in a hurry, I told him – or her – that stealing really isn’t something one should do generally, and placed him – or her – on the fence post while walking out and closing the front gate.  Some of you may be thinking it cruel of me to place such a small, wingless creature on such a comparatively high place, but as she – or he – managed to attain my breast pocket without my detection, a simple picket fence seemed hardly an insurmountable challenge. 


Excerpt from a story in progress.


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