Creation of Perceptions

A creation of perceptions
Is this inner world.
When confronted that one
of these perceptions is
In fact a misconception
causes a Crack.
Greater the misconception, larger the

As it grows the more the Spider Web
Assails across the sky
other perceptions cracked into questioning
Misapprehension materializing reality
Allowing gravity pull over unbelieving clouds guiding your
inner world to meet the ground.

Watching it descend
you race to catch it

But a moment too late
and unable to stop
you trample
your would-be world.
Its remains now
embedded in
in the sneaker of your soul.


Or perhaps
your world had no
Idea it was even
Falling the only feeling the
Sky suddenly darkening as
You kept walking until a
Crunch beneath your feet
Brought closer Inspection, finding a
Shattered world about the
Ground oddly similar to


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